T'is the season to drive with care

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Soybean harvest kicks up dust in a field north of Aledo.

The Illinois State Police District 7 warn the motoring public there are risks on the road unique to this time of year.

With the weather cooling down and a crisp feeling in the air, farmers are capitalizing on the dry weather to get their crops out of the fields. That poses two fall issues for drivers: slow-moving over-sized vehicles occupy many roads throughout the Midwest as they perform harvesting tasks and an increased number of deer crossing the roads as crops are taken out.

Driving tips for this time of year include:

    •    Use caution at dawn and dusk, these are the most active times of the day for deer;

    •    Scan ahead and be mindful of the ditches and open fields;

    •    When approaching a farm vehicle from behind be prepared to slow down, maintain a safe following distance. If you choose to pass ensure you are in a passing zone and it is safe to proceed;

    •    If the farm vehicle is traveling the opposite direction immediately slow down, move to the right of your lane and proceed with caution. Be prepared to stop if necessary;

Driving tips that remain relevant all year:

    •    Limit distractions

    •    Follow the speed limit

    •    Designate a sober driver

    •    Every occupant must buckle up