High winds, dry conditions and low humidity fuel field fires in area

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Winds of 27 miles per hour from the west, northwest whipped a field fire across 230th Street, near 15th Avenue, Monday (Oct. 12) afternoon.

The calls began to come in sometime near 2 p.m. Little York, Seaton, Alexis and Aledo fire departments were among those on the scene of the fire, southeast of Seaton in the area of North Henderson Creek.

A photographer on the scene said he'd seen the fire, moving from west to east, jump 230th Street. The smoke could be seen from miles away as the wind caused it to billow high into the blue sky.

The National Weather Service earlier in the day issued a weather statement advising that strong west winds with gusts of more than 40 mph at times, with low humidity would produce a heightened fire danger across the area, including Mercer County. At 3:45 p.m., the humidity in Aledo was 30 percent.

A number of field fires were reported in northwest Illinois and eastern Iowa.

The fire blackened a large area of a farm field. Calls at various times asked firefighters to protect a house and some fuel storage tanks, but no structures or tanks appeared to be in danger in the area of 230th Street and 15th Avenue.

Water to fight the fire was seen being brought to the scene in tanks by Seaton trucks.