Learn data analytics to keep up with what's going on

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Local governments collect mountains of data from citizens and services. However, knowing how to best organize, manage, and extract insights from these large diverse data sets is a challenge. Enter data analytics. 

Illinois communities are leading the nation in recognizing the benefits of applying analytics. Government organizations are mobilizing to explain and report on their operations, performance, services and decision making – both for internal employees and external constituents – utilizing data, the most valuable natural resource of the 21st century. Our discussion will focus on the vital components of data-driven government, and learn from communities of practice that are emerging all around the country that are digitizing information, disseminating public data sets, and applying analytics to improve decision making.

There is no cost to attend the webinar, however pre-registration is required.  Visit http://web.extension.illinois.edu/hmrs to register on-line. For more information, contact Russell Medley, Community and Economic Development Educator for University of Illinois Extension at 309-756-9978 or rmedley@illinois.edu