Main break sends water bubbling out of the ground

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Water bubbled out of the ground on the north side of Illinois 17 in front of the Community Bible Fellowship Church across from Autozone on Monday, Nov. 2. Director of Public Works Justin Blaser was on site,

Mayor Chris Hagloch updated the City Council at its regular meeting. He said Blaser told him that after almost entirely closing two water valves, one at the Walmart intersection, the other at the assisted living facility, “They still haven’t been able to get the water to slow down.” He said after nearly an hour and a half, the supply in the water tower on the east side of town had dropped nearly 3 feet.

"It was gushing up from ground pretty heavy when I was there. … they believe, an old hydro-stop went bad or came loose,”Hagloch said.

The reverse osmosis system at the water treatment plant was shut down.

“They are trying to keep the pressure up so they don’t have to get into a situation where they have to shut the water off and get into a boil order,” the mayor said.

By temporarily bypassing the system the hope was to be able to keep pressure and volume in the tanks. The break only affected the east side of town at the time at the time of the council meeting.

“We hope we can control it to that and we don’t lose any height or volume in the tower in the southwest part of town,” the mayor said.

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