Befuddled editor offers apology

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Yikes! This has been a bad week for some reason.

It started off when I misspelled the last name of Ethan Morrow, a state qualifier of the Mercer County Golden Eagles cross country team. Then, an email that apparently made it to the newspaper but never to me upset some people enough to rip us on Facebook. I don't blame them.

Now, I heard about the caravan sending Ethan Morrow and Carli Skiles off to the state cross country meet in Peoria on Saturday. On Friday at 10 a.m., I was standing on North College Avenue, ready to take photos, which I did.

For some reason, I then proceeded to misspell Carli's first name on our website. Some weeks, it's Murphy's law; whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. The spelling is correct on our Facebook page and Twitter feed and in a second story I posted on the website. I tried to edit that first story, but our website resists editing the way the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos resist losing.

I did talk to Chas Jackson, the very nice mom of cross country team member Cody Jackson, and it looks like we'll have photos from state for all of our sites Monday, as well as for the Nov. 11 Times Record.

Sometimes when you try to correct a mistake, it seems everything you do just makes it worse. I know how to spell Morrow and I know Ms. Skiles first name is Carli. I know they'll both have a better day Saturday at state than the days I've had this week.

Sigh. I apologize to everyone for my sudden propensity for misspelling people's names. I remain your humble editor, Jonh Pullam.