Rothlisberger enters guilty plea to misdemeanor charge

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

A former Mercer County Highway Department employee entered into an amended negotiated guilty plea Tuesday, Nov. 10, in Mercer County Circuit Court. Kris Rothlisberger, 54, Aledo, entered the plea to a Class-A misdemeanor of attempted official misconduct.

A Class-2 felony charge of theft of governmental property, two Class-3 felonies of forging her supervisor's initials on a time card and a charge of giving herself and another employee an unauthorized pay increase, also a Class-3 felony, were all dismissed.

Judge Richard A. Zimmer sentenced Rothlisberger to the terms agreed upon by State's Attorney Gregory McHugh and her attorney, David Morrison. She was put on court supervision for a year, ordered to pay a $500 fine on or before Nov. 20 and to pay restitution of about $360 within 10 days. She is also to meet with Sheriff David Staley within 30 days.

Following the hearing, Morrison explained that if his client successfully completes the year of court supervision, there will be no conviction on her record. As to the meeting with the sheriff, he said "it's just to give any information … regarding any knowledge she has about anybody being overpaid."