Sherrard hopes flashing lights will slow down motorists

Cala Smoldt/Correspondent

Sherrard Village Board members approved flashing lights for the corner of First Street and Second Avenue Monday night, Jan. 11.

Board members said drivers are continually running the stop sign and speeding down First Street, past the grade school. Trustee Lisa Sanders originally suggested a speed display unit for the street. At a previous board meeting it was learned the county would not allow the unit on First Street.

“I do hope the proposed stop light or flashing light does slow people down and prevents people from running the stop sign, but it’s the speed once they get past there that worries me,” Sanders said.

She said the people who live on the street have voiced concerns. Three solar powered flashing lights will be purchased at a cost of $88 each. The price includes the hardware to mount them on top of a stop sign. Village

Clerk Laura Green said the units will come from Ohio.

“I think this is really exactly what we’re looking for,”  Green said.

She said the flashers are the same as those used on barricades.

In other business, Treasurer Sheila Dhaemers told the board Illinois is paid up on motor-fuel tax. The village received $7,154 owed for unpaid tax from June-November, 2015. Mrs. Dhaemers said,

“Essentially we closed down fiscal year 15 with a $10,000 balance, after transferring money back into general,” Dhaemers said.