Officials present frame proclamation to "Tommy" Greer

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
L-R front: Ila Bertrand, Ethel "Tommy" Greer, and Mayor Chris Hagloch. Back: Michael Chausse, Jarod Dale and James Holmes.

Mayor Chris Hagloch, City Clerk Jarod Dale, and aldermen Ila Bertrand, James Holmes and Michael Chausse traveled to Brookstone of Aledo Wednesday, Jan. 20. The officials presented former Alderman Ethel "Tommy" Greer with a framed proclamation to honor her 100th birthday.

Greer turned 100 on Jan. 18.

The woman who also was once the interim mayor had everyone shaking their heads as she remembered facts at 100 the much younger people could only hope to recall.

"I'm terribly flattered by the city," Greer said. "I wish I could continue to serve."

The city also presented her with a bouquet of flowers and a card. She, in turn, gave all present the gift of a pleasant visit with a woman with a sense of humor and memories stretching back before they were born.

An avid card player, Greer could serve as the symbol of how keeping active keeps one young.

"I just remember when you used to walk all around Aledo, every day," Bertrand said, adding that Tommy would come to council meetings and pass on information she saw during her walks.

Greer bowled until two years ago. She allowed as how she had never bowled a perfect game, "I think 210" was my best, she said.

"I rode a lot of horseback, too," said Greer.

"Did you, in the last year or two, go horseback riding?" Holmes asked.

Greer said she did, up in Sherrard.

"I rode four miles," she said, smiling. "I was the leader of the pack. They had a nice picnic for us, too."

She started school many years ago in Matherville, because the district she lived in had only two students. It may have been then Greer grew to love walking.

"I walked 3 1/2 miles to school," she said.

Greer said her husband was on the board when the Oak View Country Club began. She said the original idea was to call it the Aledo Recreational Society. All agreed Oak View was the superior name.

"We used to have a lake there with a waterfall," she said of the country club. "We had a flood and it washed the lake out."

It was at Oak View that she did something else few people have done.

"I got a hole in one there on number 4," Greer said.

"We have a very good council now," Bertrand told Greer, who talked about a number of current issues.

"I wanted you to be mayor," Greer said, to the delighted laughter of all present.

Holmes introduced himself and was amazed that she remembered his parents.

"When you were at Brown Lynch Scott, did you work with my grandmother," Hagloch asked.

"Yes I did," she said, as Hagloch shook his head in amazement.

"This has been fun," she said, pondereing where to hang her framed proclamation.

As all began to leave, she looked at Bertrand and asked sharply, "Where's your jacket?"

Bertrand showed her it was on a nearby chair.

"You just about got a scolding there," Hagloch said, grinning widely as everyone congratulated Greer on her centennial birthday.