Do city employees need to carry two phones?

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

It's not exactly Hilary Clinton and her two email accounts when she was secretary of state, but Aledo Alderman Ila Bertrand raised a question about whether city employees need to carry two cell phones.

"I'm still a little reluctant to let people use personal phones to conduct city business," Bertrand said at Monday's (April 4) City Council meeting. "The whole city business is out there on personal phones."

Mayor Chris Hagloch said there has been discussion in the past about the city buying phones for employees.

Police Chief and interim City Administrator Christopher Sullivan said it would cost $600-$700 per phone, just to start such a program.

Bertrand acknowledged that people don't want to carry two phones, but added, "I think the day will come. ... I just don't like the idea of city business on private phones. Period."

Public Works Director Justin Blaser told the council there appears to be a problem with well number 4. The city has three wells, numbered 4, 5, and 6; two are used and one is a back-up.

Hagloch asked why the city's three wells are 4, 5, and 6, asking what happened to 1, 2 and 3. It turns out those shallow wells are no longer in use.

As part of the research of the Iron Filter Media Replacement Project, the Water Division conducted a Silt Density Index Test on the current wells. The test is a was of quantifying the amount of particulate contamination in a water source, according to a City Council memo.

While well 5 had a reading of 0.47 and well 6, 0.80, the reading for well 4 was 3.13 and it has been temporarily removed from service.

Blaser told the council Water Well Solutions LLC was contacted for a proposal to pull, disassemble and inspect the pumping equipment.

"If there are problems, we will have to repair before we reinstall," he said.

Water Well Solutions submitted a total bid of $9,010 to pull and inspect the equipment, to do a television survey of the well and screen.

"This well come directly from the well/sewer fund," Blaser said.

The council approved having Water Well Solutions do the work. There was some concern as to whether well 4 could be used in case of an emergency. Blaser assured them it could.

The council also discussed repairs to the blower building at the south lagoon. Blaser said the asphalt shingles, fascia, soffit and gutter are in need of repair and the glass in the steel door is broken.

Two proposals were received. Maynard Seamless Gutters bid $5,524.97, while Midwest Roofing & Construction bid $5,750. Midwest estimated in its bid $50 for each sheet of plywood needed to repair the roof and Maynard did not mention that cost. Blaser was told to find out that information from Maynard's before they start the work.

The council also approved a $5,000 sponsorship for the Mercer Family Crisis Center.