District 404 to look at options for additional asbestos removal

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Mercer County District 404 Board of Education is looking at options for the removal of asbestos not contained in the original $1.5 million bid from Kenyon & Associates of Peoria.

School Board President Julie Wagner said Larry Wachtveitl of Kenyon & Associates was at the board meeting Wednesday, April 13.

"He did come to the meeting,"Wagner said. "He kind of went over the same points."

Board members questioned him sharply in March, with Don Yates predicting the issue will end up in court.

The board's position is it felt the original bid took care of all asbestos removal at the high school. Kenyon's position is the other asbestos wasn't found until after the bid was approved.

Wagner said Wachtveitl estimated the additional asbestos in four pipe connections would cost $49,000 to remove. But, Wagner said, that is just an estimate.

"So that could actually increase," she said. "It does need to be done, but we're looking at options. The feeling around the table is 'how did this happen in the first place?' ... For that to be missed is troubling to the board.

"Of all things to miss, that's probably the last thing you want to miss," Wagner said.