Commodity Carnival will have Mercer County Fair presence

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

ALEDO — The National 4-H Council and CME Group will bring its Commodity Carnival to 150 state and county fairs in its fourth year of partnership, including the Mercer County Fair. 

The Commodity Carnival booth is an interactive, educational fair experience, that teaches young fairgoers about managing the risks and costs associated with producing and bringing animals to market. 

The booth will be at the Mercer County Fair through July 16, and players can take the latest “Risk Ranch” companion game home with them by downloading it to their mobile device.

To see Risk Ranch in action, download the game for iOS or Android, or to find out more information, go to The app allows you to raise both a hog and a steer while learning about commodities, as well as track competition and high scores across the globe with a leaderboard. 

"For nearly 170 years, agriculture has been an essential part of our business at CME Group, and participating in these fairs with 4-H allows us to deepen our connection to the farmers, families and communities who fuel our economy," said CME Group Executive Chairman and President Terry Duffy. "Increasingly, the challenges facing agriculture and food security will be solved by young farmers and agribusiness leaders of the future. We're pleased to play a vital role in educating the next generation of food producers on the importance of agricultural economics and managing risk as they go about feeding the world."

National 4-H Council's President and CEO Jennifer Sirangelo stated in news release, “The Commodity Carnival and Risk Ranch are invaluable tools for teaching youth everywhere key lessons on agriculture, business and the economy in an approachable and engaging fashion.

"We've heard from volunteers and fairgoers across the country that the Commodity Carnival experience is a highlight,” she said. “Our partnership with CME Group allows us the unique opportunity to connect the curiosity of the next generation of farmers with the expertise of industry leaders, to the great benefit of both."

Four years ago, CME Group and 4-H, the nation's largest youth development organization, announced their partnership built around preparing future generations of farmers and food producers by exposing them to risk management in agriculture. In order to reach today's mobile and tech-savvy youth, the partners launched the learning application Risk Ranch, further helping young people understand agriculture as a complex and crucial element of our economy. New this year, users can access the Risk Ranch leaderboard directly from their mobile device, making it easier to track competition and high scores across the globe.

Developed by the Ohio State University Extension, the Commodity Carnival will travel to nine states during the 2016 fair season: Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. To find a list of participating fairs that will be hosting the Commodity Carnival this summer and fall, visit

Risk Ranch is available year-round online, in the App Store as well as through the Google Play, and has won multiple accolades since its launch – including Best Children's App, Gold Winner in US Mobile & App Design Awards and Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner. This year, fairgoers and app players alike will learn what it takes to bring a hog to the market.