Halpin Introduces Bill to Protect Victims of Sexual Assault

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record


“The last thing a sexual assault survivor should be worried about is whether or not the government is making their personal address easily available where anyone can find it,” Halpin said. “We should allow these victims the right to privacy to protect themselves and their families from harm.”

House Bill 3705 would add sexual assault and stalking victims to the individuals eligible to request their address not be disclosed in any public record. Currently, certain information from the government, including voter rolls, are routinely updated and published. The proposed measure would add sexual assault survivors and stalking victims to a protection already granted to victims of domestic abuse.

“The government exists to serve and protect residents, and we are failing at that if we publish the addresses of those who need protection,” Halpin said. “This is a common sense piece of legislation that will provide peace of mind for many residents who are dealing with difficult circumstances.”

For more information, please contact Halpin’s full-time constituent service office at 309-558-3612 or at rephalpin@gmail.com.