MCBT provides assistance, resources, promotion

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

MERCER COUNTY — As businesses, nonprofits and communities continue to feel the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Mercer County Better Together is working to provide Mercer County with better access to resources and information.

To make it easier for local residents to spend money locally, MCBT has developed “At a Glance,” a guide with information on Mercer County businesses, including hours of operation, services offered and more.

The guide is updated on a regular basis and currently includes information on 101 Mercer County businesses. “At a Glance” has been identified as a community best practice during COVID-19 by University of Illinois Extension. MCBT is also airing radio public service announcements, which explain where to find “At a Glance” as well as Aledo Main Street’s “Curbside Quick Guide” and highlight the ease and importance of shopping locally during COVID-19.

The “At a Glance” guide and a host of other resources are available online at

MCBT is surveying the Mercer County business community to learn their specific needs and to gather data on how each individual business is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Survey data helps MCBT provide a more relevant response and better state-level advocacy on behalf of the Mercer County business community.

To provide clarity on federal and state funding resources, MCBT facilitated the Mercer County Resource Roundup, a video conference call held on April 10 and made specifically available to Mercer County businesses, nonprofit organizations and community leaders.

“Daily changes are impacting our local communities,” said State Representative Dan Swanson, who spoke at the event. “Information is power, but only when shared. I want to thank Mercer County Better Together for working to inform and benefit the Mercer County business community through this pandemic.”

As the local point of contact for community and economic development, MCBT is available to provide consultation and technical assistance to the Mercer County community. MCBT will continue to share additional resources and information with Mercer County businesses, nonprofits and communities via email, social media platforms and online at

“Our role is to connect our businesses, organizations and communities to the resources they need to be successful,” said MCBT Executive Director Kyle McEwen. “When we do, the entire Mercer County economy benefits as a result. We’re working to promote, assist and support Mercer County through this pandemic.”