Pastors Perspective

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The topic of late has been race. I’m hesitant to speak up and add to the problem. It seems we live in a culture so full of opinions that we might be blinded to the truth. Not everyone believes there is such a thing as truth as an objective reality so they basically seek truth relative to them and put it out there. Personally, I do believe in an absolute Truth who created this world and set its boundaries for living. In other words, I believe there is a God who is Truth and reveals His Truth and expects all of us to live by His laws. Not because He is a bully and wants His way, but because He loves us and wants what is best for each and every one of His children. In the beginning, He created the heavens and the earth and all that exists in 6 days, and everything was very good! He created two people in His own image, which we call the human race, but soon after that the man and the woman He created decided they wanted to live their way and not His way. That was the beginning of racism because in their rebellion they were harming the only race that existed. The races we refer to today are a human creation, not created by God. Although at the Tower of Babel God sent groups of people out in different directions with various languages to fill the earth. Recently I got a message from the organization called 23 and me which stated that we are all 99.5% genetically the same. This company analyzes our DNA and informs us of our ancestry. Other scientific studies show the same and back up the Bible that we were all created from the same two people, Adam and Eve. Thus, we are all sisters and brothers no matter what color we are. As far as color goes, science shows that the only difference is the amount of pigment in our skin called melanin. We could say then you are a brother of a lighter hue or a sister of a darker hue. Of course, many of our features and characteristics come from our mother and father. As I’m sure you’ve noticed that if a dark person marries a light person, the children can vary widely in color and features. All this to say, we are all just people more closely related than maybe we realize! Or should we say, we are all wonderfully created by an awesome God who made us into His very own image! He is Love and created us to love Him and each other! The fact that we did not obey Him and decided to hurt each other over and over is proof that all of us are racists. The Bible makes it clear we have all fallen short and are sinners. Every time we sin, we hurt people of our own race because we are all part of the same race, the human race. Hurt people need healing. We need to listen to them and give them compassion. Now here is the Good News, our God has sent His Son, Jesus, to save us from this destructiveness. He has heard our cry and sent us a healer. He died on a cross to pay for all our sin. All He asks us to do is to admit our sin and confess it to Him and repent, that is to turn away from it and receive His Spirit and live in a personal, loving relationship with Him from now on, even for eternity. His Spirit living in us will empower us to see the truth and live out His truth every day. He will enable us to resist temptation to keep sinning and harming each other and ourselves. Our racism problem is a sin problem that only our all- powerful God can solve as each person receives our Savior Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives. Only by His Grace, that is the Savior He sent us, can we be saved! He will give us all the love we need to love our sisters and brothers of every color! Pastor Harry Losey at Hamlet Perryton Presbyterian Church