Rockridge tranfers money and deals with COVID-19 issues

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Cathy Decker/Correspondent

EDGINGTON -- At a special meeting Monday (June 22) the Rockridge school board approved a memorandum of understanding between the school district and the Rockridge Teachers’ Association which settles compensation issues during the COVID-19 pandemic being lived out these days.

The understanding and agreement states that sports and extracurricular activities may be shortened or cancelled due to COVID-19, and offers a pro-rated compensation based on number of contests held, versus what was scheduled.

In additions if the season is cancelled, a stipend will not be paid. Any coach who supervises conditioning sessions this summer will be compensated at $10 per hour for supervision. If the coach is paid on a pro-rated basis however, no compensation will be given for conditioning sessions.

This agreement still needs to be approved by the teachers’ association.

The board also held a public hearing regarding transferring $400,000 from the district’s Tort fund into the Operations and Maintenance fund. There were no comments and the transfer was approved. The money will be used at the high school building for capital improvement projects.

The board also approved hiring several coaches for 2020-2021 including Eric DeCook, 7th grade girls’ basketball coach and Liane Freyermuth, 8th grade volleyball coach.

Resignations accepted were from Josh Wheatley and Pete Cunico, both 7th grade boys’ basketball coaches.

During stage 2 COVID-19 competitions, a number of guidelines must be met including the number of people allowed in the contest (participants, coaches, referees) and any fan requirements, if fans are allowed.