Sherrard Teacher Instructed Students Outside

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Aledo Times Record
Aledo Times Record

Cala Smoldt/Correspondent

Sherrard Spanish Teacher Ana Lopez was interviewed live by News Channel 4, WHBF’s Taylor Boser, last Thursday about what it was like to have students back in person after over 150 days.

She told Boser she had to be creative - she took students outside where they could social distance and use the game “Simon Says” to review Spanish.

“It requires creativity and flexibility... I was really anxious about coming back to school, but after the first day I feel a lot better knowing we have all the procedures.”

Lopez said so far, it’s been a good experience having students back the first week.

Boser also interviews School Resource Officer Mike Mendoza, High School Principal Tim Wernentin, Assistant Principal Matt Newquist, and Jr. High Principal Rick Basala live before school on Aug. 20th.