Real Estate Transactions

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Aledo Times Record

Date Recorded: 8-31

Address: 115 E Main Street, New Windsor

Seller: Christopher E. Krider

Buyer: Amanda Smith

Amt. $ 28,000

Date Recorded: 8-31

Address: 850 187th St., Aledo

Seller: Eugene W. Thompson

Buyer: Third Arrow Properties

Amt. $ 12,500

Date Recorded: 8-31

Address: 405 N Henderson Road, Alexis

Seller: Cecil E. Miller

Buyer: Zachary L. Marshall

Amt. $ 75,000

Date Recorded: 9-1

Address: 936 42nd Street, New Boston

Seller: Robert T. and Krystal M. Young

Buyer: Ronnie Dean and Lucille Carol Britt

Amt. $ 15,600

Date Recorded: 9-1

Address: 639 Suncrest Court, Sherrard

Seller: Susan A. Ethington

Buyer: Richard A. and Stacey A. Kelley

Amt. $ 308,000

Date Recorded: 9-2

Address: 208 Lakeview Drive, Sherrard

Seller: Geraldine K. Ryan

Buyer: Ronald and Karen S. Ziemer

Amt. $ 252,000

Date Recorded: 9-2

Address: 210 1st Ave., Sherrard

Seller: Janette S. Dochterman, John D. Spengler, Larry L. Spengler, Tomas G. Spengler

Buyer: Todd Dennison

Amt. $ 10,000

Date Recorded: 9-2

Address: 1130 Lakeview Drive, Sherrard

Seller: Jacob A. and Teresa Pender

Buyer: Benjamin Foster

Amt. $ 194,300

Date Recorded: 9-3

Address: 505 SW 2nd Avenue, Aledo

Seller: Justin E. Blaser

Buyer: Clifford and Laurie Lanfier

Amt. $ 80,000