Mercer County Home and Community Education Sold Pork Chops at Mercer Market

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Mercer County Home and Community Education board members gathered at Mercer Market as they were offering pork chops for sale.  In the front row are Donna Pinger, Elene Waters,  Linda Whitney, and Cara Ausmus.  In the back row please find Joan Luxmore, Susan DeBlock, and Judy West. Submitted photo.

On September 26, 2020, the county board of Mercer County Home and Community Education worked in conjunction with the local supermarket, Mercer Market, selling pork chop sandwiches to raise money for MCHCE.  We raise money in order to continue the programs that the HCE offers to increase the awareness of the organization and build community involvement.  In years past, we held mini workshops to inform the community about a variety of topics.  These workshops required prior planning; and in those plans we learned of expenses that would be incurred by the presenters.  The money raised also allows us to offer scholastic opportunities to the community.  High school seniors can apply for scholarships to be used for tuition, educational supplies(books and any significant educational tools), and other such necessities related to the major in which the student is seeking.