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The city of Aledo meets in the regular meeting chambers, with social distancing in place for participants and facemask are required. The public is still able to attend outside the entry doorway. Around the room, closest on the left is Public Works Director Justin Blaser, on his left is Police Chief and City Administrator Chris Sullivan, then left to right Aldermen James Holmes, Michael Chausse, Alderwoman Linda Sarabasa, Alderman Chris Kopp, Alderwoman Ila Bertrand, Alderman Barry Cooper, City Clerk Jarod Dale, and farthest right is Mayor Chris Hagloch. Panoramic photo by Cala Smoldt/Correspondent

Cala Smoldt/Correspondent

The former Gun Report building in Aledo’s downtown, 110 South College Avenue, was recently purchased by Louis Powell. His request for $150,000 from the city through the Downtown Revitalization Program Loan Agreement was approved last week, Oct. 5. The work will be completed in 3 phases - the city agreed to $50,000 per phase. The total costs for the work are projected to be $650,000. Work includes roof replacement, windows, masonry repairs, electrical upgrades, HVAC, plumbing, and fire suppression/sprinkler.

Mayor Chris Hagloch said the first floor will be retail, second floor apartments, and the third floor will stay open - per conversation with Powell.

Second floor apartments could be an Airbnb/Vrbo (Vacation rentals by owner) opportunity, according to supporting documents provided by the city.

Powell plans to have the entire project completed in 12 months - prior to Rhubarb Festival next year. Hagloch said he would also like to work with the city on the South Wall of the building to revitalize the “Welcome to Aledo” signage to correlate with the branding the city is working on.

The Downtown Revitalization Program Loans, are forgivable up to the $50,000 divided up over a five year period. Hagloch explained, “For every month you stay in business, that percentage is deducted from the amount that was given to you as a forgivable, until it drops to zero.”

Aldermen approved a resolution giving $20,000 to Aledo Main Street for services involving implementing the TIF redevelopment plan. Aledo Main Street will work with the city’s economic development firm, 353 Court.

“We’re trying to find some other avenues for our downtown businesses, if they’re looking to maybe reach out by the internet and try to sell products, or they need a new sales system in their business… they can reach out to Aledo Main street and apply for some funding.”

AMS will work directly with 353 Court and report back to the city.

Aldermen also approved Halloween events, the annual Trunk or Treat hosted by Aledo United Methodist Church on Halloween, Oct. 31, 530-7:30; and College Avenue Presbyterian Church 3:30-5:30 -.m. event at SW 5th Street at South College Avenue and SW 2nd Avenue. Both involve street closures.

In other news:

Aldermen approved $11,642 for improvements to Headquarters and Alley Outback Spa, 105 SE 2nd St. for Brad and Debbie Retherford through the Downtown Revitalization Program Loan.

Aldermen approved tree removal totaling $9,450 to Cokel’s Welding.

City sponsorship of Mercer County Better Together in the amount of $4,500 failed for lack of a motion.