Mercer County on IDPH Warning List for COVID-19

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
A COVID-19 test site was brought to Mercer County last weekend.

Cathy Decker/Correspondent

ALEDO -- The Mercer County Health Department sponsored its first drive-through testing for COVID-19 on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 23 - 24. A state-sponsored mobile testing unit (HR Support) was brought in to the health department’s parking lot from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, with 131 individuals tested.

HRSupport’s Team has been helping medical facilities across the United States staff and manage emergency situations with the needed healthcare professionals for over 31 years. During this pandemic HRSupport’s mission is to help medical facilities and other businesses manage the health of their employees, residents and clients by making sure they can be tested economically and efficiently in a place that is convenient for everyone involved.

The county health department has case investigators who give assessments to individuals whose test results come in. Results from the Oct. 23-24 testing arrive electronically to the health department within around 48 hours.

”The only way we know if a positive case tested here is if they mention it to us during their health assessment with a case investigator. We had positive cases on Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 26 - 27) that mentioned testing here, so that's the only way we know. How many positives came from that 131 though, we can't say with certainty,” was a reply from the messaging system with the health department.

Statistics are relayed to the various county health departments by the state.  “People from all over Illinois could test at this site so it is hard for us to determine the correct percentage of positives. We have had some local residents who tested come through as positive, but there also could have been some who tested positive who live in other counties so we would not know those results,” again another message reply said.

Angie Litterst, director of office of emergency management said that individuals are informed of their COVID results by the providers ordering the tests (in this case it was HRSupport). Case investigators in the individual county health departments follow up with any county residents who test positive.