A hopping good time returns to Aledo

Kris Berglund
For the Aledo Times Record
A crowd watches as contestants race their frogs in Aledo's annual frog race.

ALEDO — There was a great crowd at Aledo’s Fourth of July Annual Frog Race that returned this year in Central Park.

Groups responsible for setting up, organizing and working the day of the race were the Exchange Club, The Jaycees and American Legion Post 121. Races were enjoyed by eight categories of children and adults. Registration began at 8 a.m. and continued throughout the races as more were interested in participating.

Henry Miller coaxing his frog "Bob" to victory.

Frogs were rented to those who attended without their own and many went on into making history in the winners circles. The 7- to 8-year-olds began the race in order to show the younger groups how it’s done. The youngest to 49-year-old categories received $20 for first, $10 for second and $5 for third place donated by the Aledo Exchange Club. The 50 and over group first and second place winners received beautiful frog clock and cane carvings made by LaVerne Fuller.

The following are the winners (in race order) along with the names of their frogs in each of the categories; however, everyone was a winner according to the crowd that was cheering them all on. 

3-4 year age group: 1st — Marlie Snyder & JoJo (Aledo), 2nd — Ryker Wood & Blue Sonic (Aledo), 3rd — Jensen Hajny & Mickey (Aledo)
5-6 year age group: 1st — Elsie Bieri & Mr. Philbert (Aledo), 2nd — Fenton Long & Froggy (Aledo), 3rd —Raelynn Dunn & Bella (Aledo)
7-8 year age group: 1st — Henry Miller & Bob (Aledo), 2nd — Savanna Baker & Rainbow (Aledo), 3rd — Savannah Hofer & Jumpy (Aledo)
9-10 year age group: 1st — Kason Loving & Beary (Aledo), 2nd — Noah Moffitt & Jeffy (Aledo), 3rd — Adler Long & Phroog (Aledo)
11-12 year age group: 1st — Brooklyn Clark & Freddie (Aledo), 2nd — James Battles & Marty McFly (St. Louis, MO), 3rd — Reese Marlow & Chicken Nugget (Keithsburg)
13-14 year age group: 1st — Emerson Price & Lavender Gooms (Aledo), 2nd — Tyler Marlow & Sir Hops-Alot (Keithsburg), 3rd — Jameson Young & Duke (Philadelphia, PA)
15-49 year age group: 1st — Katy Loving & Joel (Aledo), 2nd — Brook Roybisn & Roe (Fredricksburg, VA), 3rd — Ethan Price & Methuselah Honeysuckle (Aledo)
50-plus age group: 1st — Wayne Bennett & Doyce Hiscocks (Johnsburg, IL), 2nd — Gene Hofer & Jet (Aledo)