Am I really that stupid?

Robert Blackford

The first thing I should say is "Don't tell my wife about this."

If you think you might be tempted. Stop reading now.

Am I really that stupid? Unfortunately the answer appears to be yes.

It was late at night. I finally got the kids put to bed, read them stories and started some laundry when I sat down for some me time. My wife was sick and already in bed so there was peace in the house.

I sat down to get ready for my fantasy baseball draft that is coming up shortly.

I was busy taking notes. This was about midnight and I start hearing this sound?

"Whaa. Whaa. Whaa Whaa Whaa."

Some idiot's car alarm is going off.

"Whaa. Whaa. Whaa. Whaa Whaa."

When are they going to shut it off. It's loud enough to wake the dead.

"Whaa. Whaa. Whaa. Whaa. Whaa.

Of course it's my car.

Now people have broken into my car before and stole stuff so I thought somebody probably tried to get in, heard the alarm and ran off 10 minutes ago.

I can't find my keys to shut it off but my wife's keys were handy.

The only problem is sometimes they work to shut the car off right away and sometimes they don't.

So I'm standing at the back door key alarm in hand trying to turn off the alarm.

Finally, it goes off.

A minute later the alarm starts going off again.

Whaa. Whaa. Whaa. Whaa.

Again I start pushing the button on the alarm so it goes off. I'm trying it at different angles. I decide I need to walk outside to get Closer to the car thinking that might work. I'm in the snow in my socks walking out to the car. Nobody's around. The night is just still, well, accept for my car alarm going off.

Whaa. Whaa. Whaa Whaa.

I get it to go off again.

Two minutes later it starts up again.

I literally feared that this was going to go on the rest of the night.

I stood in my kitchen and thought to myself. "What could be causing this?



Where is my set of keys to my car?

That was the question I should have asked 30 minutes earlier.



The answer came to me all of a sudden in another sound, the clunk, clunk clunk of the dryer finishing up the jeans load.

If you ever have to get your electronic car key out of the dryer remember it's probably going to be hot.

Evidently every time it took a turn in the dryer it hit hard enough to turn the alarm on.

I would never have thought that the signal from the key could have reached the car from my basement let alone inside the dryer. I can't get the remote to work when I'm standing next to the car.