Date night after 13 years of marriage

Robert Blackford/Editor

The wife and I had a date night recently. After 13 years of marriage it is good to get out every once in a while without the kids. You find a babysitter so you can go to the movies and have some time to reconnect with the person you fell in love with.

 We don't do it very often.

So little in fact I don't think we know how to date anymore.

I go pick up the babysitter at noon and we say our goodbyes. We are going to have the whole afternoon and evening together.

What's the first thing my wife wants to do now that we are alone together.

Why, go to the grocery store of course. I'm wandering around after about 30 minutes getting madder and madder.

She's at a loss as to why I'm mad

"I didn't hire a babysitter so I could go to the grocery store," I told her.

After we spend $170 and get the groceries we have to go back home and put away the groceries.

I don't know why you are so mad. It takes a lot longer when I have the kids with me," she says. "We were only there 35 minutes."

So, at 1:30 p.m. we leave town. That's an hour and a half after I've picked up the babysitter and our date was suppose to begin.

I'm mad and I've already spent $170. That's usually the end of the date right.

I've tailored the date for my wife. I know my audience. She is studying for her master's degree in biology so I take her to the Putnam Museum in the Quad Cities for their new Bodies Revealed exhibit.

If you haven't been to the Bodies Revealed exhibit then I'll tell you that it is really revealing.

You get to see what you look like on the inside. It's extremely revealing. You get to see lungs and eyes and brains and muscles and hearts and diseased organs as well.

My wife was really fascinated and she claimed afterward that it really did help her on a recent test she took to be able to visualize what was going on.

At the exhibit though she told me. "I didn't know they were going to use real people. I'm glad we didn;t bring the kids."

So there you have our date.

She took me to the grocery store.

I took her to see dissected human remains.

Hmmm. Maybe I'm no good at this date thing either.

In my defense I did take her to dinner and a movie too. I don't want you to think the entire evening was a loss.

There were some normal date things that happened as well.

"Obviously," I told her, "We need more practice."