Do you still believe?

Pastors Bob and Betty Moede

The Lord would ask you:

"Do you believe I still love you unconditionally - that y ou are right now being led by the Holy Spirit - that every tear you shed I bottle - that you are right now in this place, in this very hour, in the perfect will of God.

"Do you believe all things still work together for good to them that love Me - that I hear your prayers, even when you have no audible words to express them, when all seems dark and you are overwhelmed - when fear lays hold on your mind and soul - when it seems I have shut the heavens to you?

"Do you still Believe I feed all living things, the fish of the sea,the cattle, the fowls, all creeping things? Do you still belie I count every hair on your head - that I take every note of every fallen bird on the face of the earth? Do you truly believe that?

"Do you still believe - then death comes to your lived ones? Do you still believe what you have testified, that I give comfort and strength to face even the grave?

"Do yo still believe I love you - I forgive all your past sins - and I will forgive all future sins if you rest and trust me? Do you believe I understand when Satan sends his messengers against you to implant lies, doubts, despair?

"Do you still believe you are in the palm of my hand - that you re more precious than gold to your Savior - that eternal life is your future - that there is no power that can pluck you out of my hand - that I still am touched by every infirmity and affliction you endure? Do you still believe these things are true?

Our answer to these questions should be an emphatic

Yes, Lord, I believe it all and more!"

Do you still believe? All of it?

Psalm 103