Blog: Glory and Authority

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Passover meal lays on the table half eaten. The men who came to be with their master have more questions and answers than they have ever had before. Emotions have risen from sorrow to glory to confusion. Jesus has spoken directly with them tonight. No parables or leading questions. Their faith has taken its firsts tepees into a time when Jesus would no longer be with them physically. Everything the Lord can do to prepare His friends for the trials of the hours ahead has been done. The Son now turns His attentions to the matter at hand in John 17:1-3.

The hour has come. This hour h as been on the heart and mind of the Trinity since before the world was created from the power of the voice of the Son saying, "Let their be…" God and Adam and Even h ad an intimate fellowship with god before the fall. It was the desire of God to have fellowship with man. Genesis 3:8-9.

Did God not know what had happened? Of course He did. He knew that Adam and Eve would eat the apple. He knew it before he created the thing. Revelation 13:8.

"Whose name was written before the foundation of the world." This also means that the ones who's names have been written there, were from the foundation of the world. Before Adam, before there was light, before God said, "Let there be…"the names of every person who wold accept God's gift of salvation was written in The Book of Life. Nothing we ever do surprises God. It may grieve Him, but He knew we would grieve Him.

Jesus speaks of authority given to Him by the Father. The Father relinquished His right to control in this area to the Son. The Trinity is a hard concept to our finite minds. One member of this Triune Being willingly surrendered authority in an area of control to another member. Luke 20:42-22, Acts 2:34-35.

Jesus came to break the power of darkness and the enemy of our souls. His mission was to give the enemies of the father to the Father. And, now the moment of the final battle for namekind was at hand.

Eternal life has been sought after by adventurers through the ages. In the core of our being there is something that resonates with the power of this force of life. We have an inborn desire to protect that life and to struggle against things and circumstances that would harm that life. Life is a spiritual force. It was given by God in the creation and will go on through the end of time. Physical life is the visible manifestation of life. The physical ages, is damaged or otherwise falters and fails. But the power, the force that is that person continues. They are simply released from the shackles of this physical body and world.

John 5L28-29. Romans 2:5-8.

Eternal life, according to Jesus, is to know God. In knowing God personally, His salvation is given to you. This is not a mental wisdom of acknowledging the existence or even the power of God. It is to know Him as Saviour and Lord. In this knowledge there is a gratefulness beyond measure for the gift of salvation and the chance to know him. Through all eternity Jesus will be revealing to us, facets of His infinite person. And, not unlike the parable of the talents to the ones who have, more will be given.

Accept the fellowship He offers us.