Blog: The Love of I Am - John 18: 2-9

Pastors Bob and Betty Moede

Blog: The Love of I Am - John 18: 2-9

There is one item that John leaves out of h is record of the arrest of Jesus. he leaves out the reference to the kiss that Judas uses to betray the Lord. All three of the other gospels refer to this act of attempted deception., I would suggest here that John let the "betrayal kiss" out because it was a common greeting among friends. John seeds the majesty and Lordship of Jesus Christ. he was focused on what burned in his memory and heart.

A Roman Cohort was between 300 and 600 soldiers. There were officers of the Temple Guard present also . A strange meeting of the minds of two groups of people who would normally spit in each others faces before giving the other the time of day. The Sanhedrin had become a far more political than spiritual body. Jesus had pointed this out in a loud fashion on more than one occasion. In any event, the two groups had come together to confront Jesus.

I can only imagine that moor than a few of these soldiers, carrying sword, shield and torch, might have felt a little foolish bring such a large group to take one prisoner. After Jesus was identified by Judas, He stepped out and asked the leaders who they were looking for, knowing that it was Him. They confirm what everyone already knew. Jesus' response needs a closer look. If you tick the text, most Bibles show the word He in italics. Indicating that the word was added by the translator to make the translation easier to read in the new language. In this case, I believe Jesus said exactly what He meant to say. he used the name He had used to identify Himself to Moses from the burning bush.

Exodus 3:14

The triune God, being self-sustaining, without beginning or ending, stains before these men who only see a man in common clothes with a rag-tag group of followers. As Jesus speaks His mighty name, the armed soldiers before Him is bowled over by an unseen force. The power of the spoken word that crated every single thing that has ever and will ever exist fronting is manifest as Jesus allows the veil that shields His deity slip for a second.

What just happened here? A miracle. jesus has made it perfectly clear that He is in total control of the situation. He has shown that the men who have come to make the arrest could at least be held off, if not defeated. Jesus had just wielded supernatural power beyond reason, without lifting a finger. He has just given them an indication that He just might be Who He has claimed to be, God in the flesh doing this, this master has made an invitation and planted a seed. This would be a moment that none of these men would ever forget. Who can say how many eventually came to understand that Jesus was God and had come to know their Saviour? How many of these men of good character would share the unexplainable events of the evening with family and friends planting even more seeds? We will know someday. it is an open invitation made by Jesus to each one present. Grace, love and mercy extended in the face of spears and swords.

As Jesus is led away in the end, He digs even deeper into the hearts and minds of those gathered, a captive audience. The Lord rips the human logic that surrounds the situation. Legions of angels, I am sure were poised for attack. Waiting for the word from the Father, which never came to free their King.

Jesus loves you as much as these soldiers He reached out t in the face of His arrest. he knew the arrest would lead to His sacrificial death on the cross for you and me. he died in our places destroying our sins to set us free. Now all that is left is to acknowledge Him as your Lord and Saviour.