Blog-The Language of the Heart

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The language of the heart is simple. The love God has for us is simple having been expressed through action, the sacrifice of Jesus. Religion has millions of words from the intellect while one word for the heart of God carries incredible weight and the power to deliver.

Paul shares his heart with us in that he didn't want to just come up with words, but have power, the weight to back up the words. Love doesn't consist of words only, but action. We can go all day stuffing ourselves with lots of information, but find a place to release just a portion fo the revelation that we receive from God will take us to a much higher level of experience. Even revelation can just become information if it's not activated with action. Action is what makes revelation have a purpose. What good is revelation if it's not turned into something of practical value bring the blessing of God to others?

Jesus draws the heart with simple words. He really does "kill us softly with His words." He says, "

Come unto me, you who are weary and I will give you rest…" "I am the good Shepherd." Jesus spoke simple words of life while speaking mysteries of the Kingdom. But they were not words that called for intellectual gymnastics. They could not be figured out by the natural mind, but only by the Hungry heart that gets a revelation from the Spirit. It's not by the might of man, or by the power of intellect, but by the Spirit of His Divine grace that we find revelation of Him.

Every one understands pain. We all encounter emotional pain at some point in our lives. But so often we have been taught to just numb it out, don't admit it. Part of the pain we experience is from difficult relationships. So there is a cross we bear, but at the same time we don't need to put ourselves in the path of pain by our own hand. But one thing is true; God wants to heal those wounds that cause the pain. Half, if not two-thirds of the healing is discovering and realizing that there is pain. Most are blind to the pain that they experience. Here are some questions to ask to discover if y ou have a would or pain in a specific area:

When do you experience fear or loss of peace?

When someone speaks on a certain subject does fear, anger or other destructive emotions grip your heart?

Once you determine when that negative emotion is triggered you can begin to pinpoint whee the hurt came from that causes you to experience that emotion. The importance of discovering the hurt is the key to getting to the root where you can begin to release forgiveness to others who may have caused the hurt.

When we are hurt and don't find an immediate place of forgiveness for the offender a door is opened to the enemy to come and bring torment to the soul. To close that door, forgiveness must be released and the demonic influence must be renounced. At this point you want to put yourself in a spiritual position to receive the cleansing of the blood of Jesus, healing and forgiveness from God for yourself.

If you feel like you are alone in this experience, you are not. We are all tempted in the same way. Christ was tempted in all points, yet without sin. Thankfully we have a Great High Priest who has entered the Holiest of all places by the sacrifice of Himself for us. So we have complete and full access to the Father through Jesus Christ. It's the way of the natural man to always think we need to do something, but it's all about what He has already done. We can rest in His work on the cross, finding ourselves in Him. If you find yourself in a place of frustration and difficulty respond to the invitation of the Son: "Come unto Me…and you will find rest for your souls."