Spiritual Gifts

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Matthew 28:19-20

Go ye therefore, and teach all

nations, baptizing them in the

name of the father, and of the son,

and the Holy Ghost: Teaching them

to observe all things whatsoever I

have commanded you: and, lo, I am

with you always, even unto the

end of the world.

The Great Commission is the

greets command given by the

greatest commander, to the

greatest army, for the greatest

task ever. Although many

churches have argued it, debated

it, denied it and ignored it,

most have accepted it as their

marching orders. Outreach,

evangelism and soul winning

have become the very heart

beat of many churches. they

have recognized this task and

boldly set out to accomplish

this unreachable goal. In most

aggressive churches the whole

philosophy of ministry evolves

from an revolves around the

Great Commission or the Great


Some have forgotten that the

God who assigned us this Great

Task also assignes us the Means

to fulfill the task -- Peoople,

men and women God has

equipped to fulfill that task,

men and women with God

given gifts -- Spiritual Gifts.

Sir Winston Churchill during

World War II said, "GIve us the

tools, and we will finish the

job." The desire of most

Christians and churches is that

God would equip them for the

task of carrying out the Great

Commission. There's good

news for those who have this

desire, God has already

answered your prayer.

Spiritual Gifts are God's

tools and are created by God to

fulfill the Task. Both, the desire

and the tools are a necessity,

but many work unaware of the

tools God has created for this


Programs won't do it. God's

plans make the person far more

than anything else God may

use. Because people are God's

method. The church is looking

for better methods; God is looking

for better men and women

who can help carry out His plan.