Torch Bearers

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

John 12:35

What doe sit mean to be a torch bearer?

A torch bearer is someone who puts others before themselves.

A torch bearer changes people's lives for the better wherever they travel in life.

A torch bearer means sacrificing your time to save another.

Look at Jesus, Paul and the other disciples, everywhere they went things changed and something good was left behind.

Let's look at the torch itself.

What is the torch's main purpose…silly … it sheds light on things in the dark.If you come across a cave and want are an adventurer, you want to explore it, you need to have, or make a torch. Sometimes the torch burns out, leaving you helpless in the dark, as a result you are trying to find your way out in the dark. Everyone will agree that if we find ourselves in a dark situation, we get a little uncomfortable, a little light helps. So, the main purpose of the torch is to shed light.

Who is the One in the Bible referred to as light? JESUS!!!

Millions of people walk through this dark world without the light of Jesus. The world outside the Church is saturated with darkness and despair.

We, the Church, understand that Jesus represents life and light, but those who are confused about the existence of God do not. There are millions of people clueless, light, they have no hope of survival. We know who God is, and we love Him, and as Christians we need to show God that we mean it.

John 12:35: One of the reasons Jesus came into the world was to be a light, a torch. He is the Light of the World.