You are beautiful because of his death and resurrection

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

So, here I am. I have finally pushed through the crowd surrounding him I am before his face. Amidst all shouts. All the screams, all the dances, all the noise, I think about the words I would like to say. I am before him. As I beige to open my mouth, I discover one thing --- in his presence,there is nothing that can be said. What can be said when:

His scars say it all?

His heart feels it all?

His eyes see it all?

When he lifts up his head, who does Jesus see?" Not a dry sinner -- but himself. Why himself?

Like this, our hands have been scared, our eyes have been tested, our hearts have been broken. At the end of the road, when he lookds at us, he sees perfect images of himself, nothing more, nothing less.

At that moment, when I stand before his face, I discover that:

A silent lamb is much more powerful than a roaring lion.

Silence is the most powerful form of the worship there can be.

For all we are, for all we will be in him, worship him by waiting on him, there is nothing to say in his presence.