Hutt admits being sexually violent

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Daniel Hutt, 44, formerly of rural Aledo, appeared in Mercer County Court in front of Judge Ray Conklin, Friday, Feb. 20, 2009 on a hearing for conditional release. The state was represented by Illinois Assistant Attorney General Patrick O'Brien. Hutt has been in custody of the Illinois Department of Human Services. A petition was filed Aug. 9, 2007, to name Hutt a sexually violent person.

Judge Conklin noted that Hutt had admitted to being sexually violent, as defined by the Illinois' Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act. A petition for conditional release dated Feb. 24, 2008 was filed by Hutt's attorney Mark Cyr. Hutt had pled guilty in March 2006 of aggravated criminal sexual abuse/family, a class 2 felony, and was sentenced to four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

O'Brien moved to dismiss the conditional release.

Judge Conklin continued the hearing until May 28, at 1 p.m. in Mercer County Court. The judge also named Dr. Kirk Witherspoon as Hutt's clinical psychologist, who will evaluate Hutt, prior to the continued dispositional hearing. The hearing will determine whether to release Hutt, and under what conditions, or whether to continue to hold him in a secure facility where he will receive treatment through the Illinois Department of Human Services.