Joy fatality crash updated

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

Mercer County Sheriff Tom Thompson said yesterday’s early morning fatality accident will be under investigation for probably another week. “We’re still doing the reconstruction on the accident. It could be a week or so before we know all the details.”

The identities of the two drivers have been released. Michael W. McIntyre, 46, of Aledo was driving a 1997 Mercury Station Wagon traveling east on Hwy 17, The Semi traveling west was driven by Fredrick Fuller, 78, of Reynolds. Fuller was taken to the Mercer County Hospital and has since been released. McIntyre was killed in the accident.

The accident occured at 140th St. and Hwy 17, east of Joy.

“Alan Boucher (Mercer County Superintendent of Schools) had heard the accident involved one of their students,” said Thompson.

Counselors were called in to assist students and provide extra support for the staff, according to Michelle Bailey, Apollo Elementary counselor. “The teachers handled it well,” said Bailey.

Throughout the year, students have received guidance lessons involving identifying their feelings.

Thompson said the state police were called to investigate because there was a semi involved in the accident.

The students have been given guidance lessons in the classroom. “When this situation came up they understood that when there was a need, they can talk about things,” she added.

Extra support was provided by the SCAT team (School Crisis Assistance Team), made up of Bailey, Principal Bill Fleuette, a few counselors from the Mercer County Family Crisis Center, the district social worker and even a representative from the Regional office of education.

According to Bailey, “Students handled things well. Everybody is so caring here.”

One way students came together was to write letters to their fellow classmates. “They were absolutely willing and eager to come together. They wanted to and they were ready to.”

 She said that parents of some of the classmates even became involved. “They put together a joint community effort, really. There was a need and we all pulled together.”