Gang activity in Aledo?

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

According to Terry Dove, interim Aledo chief of police, the Aledo police are looking into the possibility of a loose knit gang in Aledo. There are kids that are hanging out together in a loose affiliation, mainly locals. "A couple of them have been interviewed," said Dove. "Essentially it's a social group."

There was an incident where there was a fight," said Dove.

An individual was accusing another of slashing their tires," he said.

This incident happened Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010 at approximately 10:01 p.m.

Aledo police officers were dispatched to a call of a fight between approximately 15 subjects in the area of South College Ave. and Main St. Officers found a male subject, identified as Christopher Emo lying on the ground with minor abrasions to the face. Officers observed two subjects running from the scene and apprehended them a short distance away.

Arrested were Eric Atchison, 21, of Alpha, charged with aggravated battery and mob action; Brian Gabriel, 21, of Woodhull, charged with disorderly conduct; a 17-year-old juvenile from Aledo, who was arrested for aggravated assault and a 17 year old from Woodhull, charged with disorderly conduct.

Witnesses told officers Eric Atchison discovered one of his tires had been slashed while his vehicle was parked in the VFW parking lot. Atchison confronted several subjects in the lot regarding the slashed tires.

An altercation ensued involving Atchison, Emo and several others. Emo was chased from the parking lot to the area of College Ave. and Main St. by Atchison and a juvenile, and another altercation took place.

At this time the police officers arrived.

Emo was transported to Mercer County Hospital and treated and released.

The incident remains under investigation and additional charges may be filed.