Former Aledo City Administrator dies

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Patrick Burelle, the former Aledo City Administrator, died Sept. 27, 2010 from complication of by-pass surgery. He was 54 years old and survived by his wife Brenda and two daughters Cory and Melissa.

Burelle served as the city administrator from January of 2006 until December of 2008.

Burelle was hired under former Aledo Mayor Lee Celske. Celske issued a statement concerning Burelle's death.

"Patrick Burelle's leadership, knowledge and commitment to excellence raised the standard at City Hall. In three short years of service he left an indelible mark on the community. Maple City Restaurant, Aledo Meat Market, the former Scooter's expansion, Perks Coffee Shop, the rehabilitation of the old Save-A-Lot building and Salon on 2nd are just a small list of the businesses that were started, mentored and benefited under his watch. The truth is, Aledo is a better place because of Patrick Burelle."

Celske listed some of city's accomplishment's under Burelle's direction.

Burelle instituted the city's first budget eliminating the appropriations system allowing for better management control and reporting of city accounts.

The city began to use standardized tests, experience and education as hiring factors. A police chief, public works director and finance director were all hired under this new system. Model codes were adopted in 2006 and put the city on par with surrounding communities. Now all new construction is reviewed and inspected according to life safety requirements. A $2,000,000 water work improvements project was financed without a rate increase. This included a new 400,000 gallon water tower, upgrade of all utility meters with radio read and the completion of the city-wide water mains replacement program started in 2001.