State DUI statistics will include names

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

District 7 troopers have found that alcohol has been involved in traffic fatalities. This year District 7 has experienced 18 fatalities. Eight of those fatalities have been alcohol related.

The District is on par to match last year's record-breaking DUI arrest record. There have been 400 DUI arrests made this year. District 7 will continue steadfast efforts to reduce the number of impaired drivers on Quad Cities' roadways.

District 7 will be releasing a breakdown, by county, including the names, ages, city of residence and charges of every arrest D-7 troopers make for an alcohol violation.

"We want the public to see the names of those arrested to hopefully deter others from making the same mistake of getting behind the wheel while impaired," says Trooper Jason Wilson, D-7 safety education officer.