IDNR Cracks Down on Law Breakers

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

On August 2, 2011 James A. Gauley, 24 years old, from Aledo plead

guilty to twenty-eight (28) misdemeanor charges which stemmed from anoymous citizen complaints of alleged Wildlife Code violations to the Illinois Conservation Police through the Target Illinois Poachers Hotline (1-877-236-7529). Gauley was fined $18,033.00, cannot hunt or

participate in a hunting party for 15 years (Court Ordered) and released on a 25-year conditional discharge.

In January 2011 the Illinois Conservation Police initiated an investigation into the complaints. After an extensive investigation and with the assistance of the Mercer County Sheriffs Department, Mercer County State's Attorney's Office, and the IIlinois State Police Crime Lab, arrests were made in March of 2011 on James Gauley, Colten J. Brunenn, 19 years old, from Aledo; Robert L. Gauley, 74 years old, from Aledo, and Coty C. Greer, 24 years old, from Aledo

Breakdown of Charges-Other than James Gauley (His charges and convictions are available from the Mercer County State's Attorney's Office.)

o Colten J. Brunenn-Case Pending


o Unlawful Hunting with Use/Aid of a Motor Vehicle

o Unlawful Hunting from a Roadway

o Unlawful transportation of an UncasediLoaded Firearm in a Vehicle

o Unlawfully attempting to take a deer with a rifle

o Unlawful transportation of open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle by the


o Littering from a vehicle

 Long Form Complaints

o Unlawful possession of a controlled substance

o Contrubuting to unlawful activity-Unlawful possession/transportation of

illegally taken deer

o Attempting to take deer without a valid permit

o Robert L. Gauley-Case Pending

 Long Form Complaints

o Unlawful Gift/Transfer of deer permit

o Unlawful Transportation/Possession of an illegally taken whitetail deer

o Unlawful Gift/Transfer of deer permit

o Unlawful Transportation/Possession of an illgally taken whitetail deer

o Coty C. Greer-Plead Guilty Fined $120.00

 Long Form Complaint

o Unlawful Possession of Inedible Parts of a Protected Species-Red- Tailed


Captain Greg Hunter, IDNR Police Region I Commander, stated that "This is an example of how the public can assist the Conservation Police in protecting our state's valuable natural resources."

Captain Hunter went on by expressing his praise for the diligence of the Mercer County State's Attorney's Office in their aggressive prosecution of this case.

Hunter said, "Most hunters are law abiding citizens who enjoy the time they spend out-of-doors with friends and family while participating in hunting activities. The Illinois Conservation Police cannot accomplish their mission alone, we need the help of those who will stand up against those few individuals that not only violate laws designed to protect Illinois' natural

resources but who also endanger the safety of its citizens."

To report violations of the Illinois Wildlife and Fish Codes, persons can call the IDNR Target Illinois Poachers Hotline at 1-877-236-7529.