Hearing Date Scheduled for VanHoutte

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

A post conviction petition for former Orion football coach Jason VanHoutte is moving forward. The latest development is an August 29 court date that has been set to appoint a judge in the case. VanHoutte is asking to have his conviction vacated or get a new trial. William Schick, his attorney, says the conduct of former Rock Island County State's Attorney Jeff Terronez and his apparent relationship with the alleged victim in the VanHoutte case, needs thorough examination.

Terronez pled guilty to supplying alcohol to a 17 year old girl in late April and resigned as State's Attorney. VanHoutte, 39,  was sentenced to 12 years in prison last May, after being accused of having sexual relations with one of his female students at United Township High School, who is believed to be the same girl in the Terronez case. The former Orion football coach pled guilty to three Class 1 felony counts of criminal sexual assault in Rock Island County Circuit Court.