ISP 8/15-8/21 Alcohol Enforcement Activity

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

 Illinois State Police District 7, announced today, DUI and alcohol-related enforcement activity for the week of Monday, August 15 – Sunday, August 21.  

Reports indicate that District 7 Troopers arrested and charged the following individuals with DUI, Zero Tolerance, Illegal Consumption/Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, and/or Illegal Delivery of Alcohol to a Person Under the Age of 21:

Knox County

    James E. Ball, 45, Galesburg, IL (DUI Alcohol)

    Ambrosia L. Clemens, 31, Galesburg, IL (DUI Drugs)

    Joshua A. Lundeen, 26, Galesburg, IL (DUI Alcohol)

    John L. Rodriguez, 50, Galesburg, IL (DUI Alcohol)

    Austin C. Tracy, 22, Rio, IL (DUI Alcohol)

Rock Island County

    Rodney A. Bragg, 44, Rock Island, IL (DUI Alcohol)

    Michael L. Harris, 33, Davenport, IA (DUI Alcohol)

    Michael W. Holst, 20, Moline, IL (Illegal Consumption of Alcohol)

    Donald E. Houseman, 27, Moline, IL (DUI Alcohol)

    Elizabeth K. Jordan, 28, York, NE (DUI Alcohol)

    Cara N. O’Donnell, 29, Clinton, IA (DUI Alcohol)

    Ryne T. Potter, 20, Moline, IL (Illegal Consumption of Alcohol)

    Erik Salinas, 26, Davenport, IA (DUI Alcohol)

    Ryan C. Shaffer, 19, Moline, IL (Illegal Consumption of Alcohol)

    Drew M. Zeitler, 24, Reynolds, IL (DUI Alcohol)

(The above mentioned individuals have been charged with a crime; however, those charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)