ILETSB announces establishment of new police academy and research institute at WIU

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

                      The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards

                      Board (Board) voted to establish a new residential

                      Police Academy and Research Institute at Western

                      Illinois University in Macomb.  The vote took place

                      at the Board’s quarterly meeting held in Chicago on

                      September 8, 2011.  The Board also voted to expand

                      the current police academy located at Southwestern

                      Illinois College in Belleville (SWIC) to residential

                      status.  The Board also certifies the following

                      police academies:  the Chicago Police Academy, the

                      Illinois State Police Academy, the Cook County

                      Sheriff’s Police Academy, the Suburban Law

                      Enforcement Academy at the College of DuPage, and the

                      Police Training Institute at the University of


                      The Board oversees twelve recruit basic law

                      enforcement and corrections academies in Illinois;

                      sixteen Mobile Training Units which provide certified

                      training courses to current police officers as

                      continuing education; and funds a number of law

                      enforcement executive training programs, which

                      includes the Board’s Executive Institute at Western

                      Illinois University.  The Board’s provides much of

                      the training at no cost to units of local government

                      through a budget of over $14 million, funded entirely

                      by the Traffic and Criminal Conviction Surcharge


                      Western Illinois University in Macomb includes the

                      School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration,

                      in which undergraduate students may receive a degree

                      in Criminal Justice.  This program in Criminal

                      Justice is the 4th largest in the United States, and

                      has a 41 year history of excellence.

                      Initial plans are for a residential academy that will

                      train newly hired police officers and deputy sheriffs

                      for units of local government.  The academy will

                      train officers in the state mandated Basic Law

                      Enforcement and Corrections courses taught to all new

                      officers in the state, as well as offer other courses

                      of instruction to the officers of police agencies

                      across the state.  The new academy will also include

                      a Research Institute that will provide research

                      capabilities to the Board, allowing for the Board to

                      evaluate current law enforcement training curriculum

                      and training methodology, and adjust such training to

                      keep Illinois law enforcement personnel among the

                      best trained in the nation.

                      The decision to establish the new academy was brought

                      about by the announcement by the University of

                      Illinois last November to close the Police Training

                      Institute at the U of I.   PTI has existed as a

                      police academy since 1955, and trained thousands of

                      police officers for many of the agencies across

                      Illinois.  The Board’s Executive Director, Kevin

                      McClain, commented on the history of PTI at

                      Champaign, “The Board certainly appreciates the fine

                      job of training recruit officers that PTI has performed for the past 56

                      years, and looks forward to providing the excellent

                      quality training and research at our new Academy and

                      Research Institute at Western Illinois University.”

                      Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer, current Chairman

                      of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and

                      Standards Board, said “We look forward to our new

                      partnership with WIU, an established national leader

                      in Criminal Justice, and SWIC, an established

                      statewide leader in Public Safety training.  These

                      partnerships will allow us to continue to provide

                      high quality basic training for law enforcement