Halcombs charged with animal cruelty

Sheree Silverwood/Staff Reporter
The emaciated mother dog, Mia, is carried from the Halcombs' property by Mercer County Animal Control.

An Aledo couple have been charged with cruelty after emaciated animals were discovered at their home.

Joshua and Catherine Nikki Halcomb of rural Aledo were charged with unlawful inhumane care for animals, cruel treatment of an animal and owners duties after a skeletal one year old female pit bull, Mia, and her puppies were discovered by Mercer County Animal Control. Mia weighed 25 lbs. at the time she was seized, nearly half the weight of a normal dog of her size. Her four puppies were four weeks old. Mia had to stop nursing the puppies when they were three weeks old due to the fact that, because of her starvation, she could no longer produce milk. Puppies normally nurse until around six weeks of age.

Three kittens and a Springer Spaniel/Lab mix, all emaciated, were also removed from the property.

All of the animals will eventually be available for adoption at the Mercer Pound.

Mia's appearance has changed substantially after only one week of being fed and cared for by the Mercer Pound staff.