Senior citizen appreciation month

submitted by Nick Seefeld
Left to right: Officer John Murphy, Officer Lindsey Kenney, Mercer Co. Nursing Home resident Dorothy Joy, and Assistant Chief J. Michael Sponsler.

Every year during the month of March, the Aledo Police Benevolent Association picks a project which will benefit area senior citizens and assist them with their everyday activities. This year, the members agreed to purchase personal sound amplification systems for use by the residents who have difficulty hearing at the Mercer County Nursing Home and the Aledo Health and Rehabilitation Center.  The amplification systems will allow residents at these facilities to be able to hear clearly when they are participating in day to day activities.

Nick Seefeld, President of the Benevolent Association, said their members take great pride in assisting the elderly in our community each year, and are excited about having the opportunity to provide the gift of hearing to these individuals.

The amplification systems were purchased at Radio Shack in Aledo, and according to staff members at both facilities, are a huge hit so far with the residents. The system consists of a small lightweight transmitter, which the resident wears around their neck, and is then attached to an adjustable set of padded headphones. Seefeld said they provided the facilities with loaner systems to ensure the headphones were comfortable to the residents, and they were satisfied with the hearing results they received from the equipment before the ten units were purchased.

Front: Aledo Health & Rehabilitation Center resident Sam Shannon. Back (left to right): Administrator Scott Widener, Sgt. Nick Seefeld, Activities Director Josie Goben, and Officer Gary Unsworth.