Police reports reveal multiple accusations against Galesburg/Monmouth martial arts coach

Talbot Fisher
Special to The Register-Mail

MONMOUTH — Details into the investigation of Badger Combatives owner and coach Beau W. Admire, 42, have been learned by The Register-Mail, showing a number of accusations against the Galesburg man charged in Warren County with multiple charges of criminal sexual assault and abuse. 

On Nov. 7, Warren County State’s Attorney Thomas R. Seigel announced that Admire was arrested in Knox County on Nov. 2, facing two charges of criminal sexual assault and one charge of aggravated criminal sexual assault. All the charges are class 1 felonies. 

Admire was released after posting a cash bond and is scheduled for his first court appearance on Dec. 2. 

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Badger Combatives, 313 E. Main St., has operated in Galesburg for over three years, following three years in Abingdon. According to an April 2022 Galesburg Register-Mail article, the school offers toddler martial arts classes for ages 4 to 5 year olds, beginner kids self-defense for ages 6 to 12, and adult self-defense covers ages 12 and up. Admire also is a personal trainer.

According to police reports, the investigation began on Sept. 9 when an alleged victim came forward with accusations against Admire. She claimed that as a child she did martial art training with Admire. She said that during the first year of training, she and Admire would text back and forth and include “flirty” messages. 

In the report, she says she began receiving private one-on-one classes with Admire, and others in the gym noticed and were unhappy about favoritism that Admire showed her. Incidents, redacted in the police report, allegedly occurred during these private classes. 

At one point, while training for a muay thai tournament, she visited Admire’s home, when another incident, also redacted, allegedly occurred. 

She also alleges that Admire gave her and others alcohol during a UFC watch party at his home. 

In the report, she said she continued training at the gym, with Admire continuing to make sexual comments about her at the gym, and making comments about how he couldn’t wait until some of the girls turned 18. She further added that eventually Admire ended his focus on her, moving on to other girls in the gym. 

So far, efforts to try to reach Amire for a response to the accusations were unsuccessful.

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On Sept. 22, police spoke to another former trainee of Admire, who told them she began training at Old School Extreme Wolfpack MMA Gym in 2010 and left between 2013-2014, leaving due to multiple issues. 

According to the report, she claims that Admire tried to get her to stay with him for his direct guidance in cutting weight for an MMA fight. He also wanted her to take “provocative” photographs, telling her that was how to get sponsors. He further told her her future was bright and would go far if she was willing to do so, but she refused. 

She also alleges he tried to convince a parent that he should have more control over her, leading to her not returning to the gym for several weeks. 

She described Admire as giving her a “creepy vibe.” 

According to reports, on Sept. 23, a third former trainee was spoken to by police. She had training at the gym the same timeframe as the accuser. She described Admire as “very controlling” both inside and outside the gym, which included telling trainees what to wear. Punishment for disobedience included extra running and grappling with larger men. 

She also noted Admire showing favoritism toward a student, and described his behavior as “creepy,” and included putting her in positions while grappling that were not the type used in matches. 

On Oct. 3, police spoke with a woman who began a relationship with Admire when she was 16 and he was 20. She told police that over the course of their relationship, Admire was physically, mentally, and sexually abusive. She also told police she once discovered Admire having sex with a 16-year-old while at a friend’s residence in the Quad Cities. 

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Police report that also on Oct. 3, another former trainee spoke to them. She said that she trained with Admire, meeting him in 2007-2008. She described training with him at several gyms he ran in Galesburg. 

In the report, she said he was physically, mentally, and sexually abusive toward her, threatening to kill her and family. 

She also described the favoritism he would show toward girls at the gym. 

On Oct. 5, another woman who had been in a relationship with Admire described to police an incident of physical abuse in 2001, where Admire allegedly threw her to the ground in a Monmouth parking lot.

She continued telling police of multiple incidents of physical and mental violence by Admire toward her during their relationship. 

On Oct. 12, another former trainee described an alleged incident that occurred at the Monmouth gym, which is redacted in the police report. She also described the favoritism he showed toward certain students and described him as “very manipulative.”