Lottery determines ballot order of candidates

Robert Blackford/Editor

There was a lottery held in the Regional Office of Education in Monmouth Friday, Aug. 29 to determine the order in which the candidates for the consolidated Aledo/Westmer School board will appear on the ballot for the fall election, Nov. 4.

Twelve candidates filed petitions in the ROE to become board members for the consolidated school district of Aledo/-Westmer. Seven of the candidates (Mike Bowns, Doug Ball, Trisha Hank, Michael L. Hedrick, Kay Forret, Marta Tucker, Todd E. Line and Michael Retherford) filed their petitions simultaneously at 8 a.m. Monday, Aug. 18.

Other candidates who turned in petitions for a school board seat included Ira H. Cunningham, Dwight L. Shoemaker, Steven Laurence Willits and Donald L. Yates.

The order candidates will appear on the ballot is as follows: Doug Ball, Trisha Hank, Kay Forret, Michael L. Hedrick, Mike Bowns, Todd E. .Line, Marta Tucker, Michael L. Retherford, Donald L. Yates, Steven Laurence Willits, Dwight L. Shoemaker and Ira H. Cunningham.