Sherrard Blood Drive honors former student

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Nate Dennis, Sherrard’s Red Cross Club president, stands in front of the T-Shirts that were on sale during the fifth annual Tracy Wyant Blood Drive held at Sherrard Junior-Senior High on Nov. 21, 2008.

Friday Nov. 21, 2008 the American Red Cross Club at Sherrard Junior-Senior High School held its annual blood drive and brought in its largest donation - 113 units. This annual blood drive is in loving memory of Sara Wyant a student who attended Sherrard until she was in a fatal car accident five years ago.

Sara was a typical teenager, she loved hanging out with friends, she loved her family, and she loved her cat Sonny. She was an avid horseback rider, and competed in different competitions.

On a sunny, cool, autumn morning. Sara was, as most teenagers, rushing out the door to get to school. She didn’t let her windows defrost enough to see out of them. She didn’t see the bus coming from the sun’s rays on her windows. She pulled out of her driveway and the bus hit her head on. By Friday she was pronounced brain-dead.

She had discussed being an organ donor with her family, and signed her driver’s license, and her parents respected her wishes. Since Sara’s tragic and sudden death, she saved three other’s lives. One woman by the name of Tracy Booth received a kidney and a pancreas. Booth corresponded with the Wyant’s through mail, e-mail, but had never actually met them.  One day Tracy decided to look up the Wyants in the phone book, found some Wyants, but not the right ones. She finally got a hold of them, they met, talked all night long, and it was as though a part of Sara was finally home. Booth was present during the blood drive this year.

The club’s president, Nate Dennis, organized the blood drive, but the blood drive could not have been functional with out the amazing group of kids from the club. “If each unit is used to save three lives, then we saved 339 lives in all.,” said Dennis. This blood drive was Sherrard’s biggest blood drive, and the club’s biggest, most successful drive yet. Nate and the rest of the club and school are very proud of their accomplishment.

Tracy Wyant, Sara’s mother, has been at the blood drives ever since Sara’s accident and has supported the local blood drives because Sara was involved in the blood drive by giving blood. Tracy is always there to give out information on organ and tissue donations. She hopes that what Sara has done will inspire others to sign up to become organ donors, and talk with their families and let them know what their wishes are.