Senior Spotlight - Erica Lynn McCleary

Erica Tharp/Westmer Reporter

Erica Lynn McCleary is dancing her way into this week's senior spotlight! Erica took her first breath on Feb. 9, 1991, in Muscatine, Iowa. She lives with her mom Julie and her pup dog Heidi in Joy. Her dad Dennis lives in Aledo.

Erica's schedule this year is pretty laid back. Her classes include: study hall, aide for Mr. Stockham, consumer education, civics, P.E., functions and trigonometry, and yearbook. Erica also plays volleyball, dances on the pom pon squad, is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, and she is the senior class secretary. Crispito is her all time favorite school lunch. Erica's future plans are to attend Black Hawk and Trinity colleges to major in nursing.

In Erica's -- or Erin, as her friends like to call her -- spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends Erica Tharp, Kayla Renfro, Danielle Knapp, Tonya Smith, Jillian Long, Derek Dixon, Averi Wilson and Bryce Long. She also likes reading, dancing, playing volleyball, attempting to rollerblade and swimming at Erica T.'s. Spiders and snakes creep her out! One of her pet peeves is slow walkers in the hallway. Some of Erica's favorite TV channels are FUSE, MTV, and CMT.

Her favorite shows are "The Hills," "Grey's Anatomy," "Intervention" and "As the World Turns." Erica likes to read books by Nicholas Sparks, Sarah Dessen, Jodi Picoult and Mitch Albom. Paramore, Flyleaf, The Jonas Brothers, and Lil Wayne are some of her musical preferences. Her favorite movies are Hard Candy, The Life of David Gale and The Notebook.

Erica's favorite teachers are Mrs. Staley, Mr. Stockham, and Mr. Swank. Erica has a few memorable Westmer moments. One of her most embarrassing was when she was doing a high kick with her right leg in poms practice and both of her legs came out from under her. Needless to say, she fell right on her arse. Another moment worth mentioning was when Erica was playing the game Scattergories at Erica T.'s and she did her whole list with the wrong letter.

Erica has this advice for underclassmen, "Be yourself and don't let other people change you."

On behalf of the Class of 2009, I would like to wish Erica good luck in whatever she does. Stay beautiful girl! Love you.