Senior Spotlight - Tyler Jacob Howard

Erica McCleary/Westmer Reporter

This week's senior spotlight is focused on the Westmer Warrior 6' 8" center, Tyler Howard. Tyler was born Nov. 14, 1990 at Mercer County Hospital. He lives in Joy with his parents Freddy and Brenda. He has two siblings: a sister Taylor and a brother Dalton.

Tyler enjoys playing basketball and video games and hanging out with his girlfriend, Kimberly Ortberg, and his friends, Quenton Huston, Bryce Long, Brad Loveridge and TJ Finch. 

His classes this year include: sociology, computer aided drafting, P.E., consumer education, civics, office aide, art and yearbook. Tyler's favorite teachers are Mrs. Staley and Mrs. Hinshaw. His favorite school lunch would have to be crispito. He enjoys listening to Lil Wayne, T.I., Plies, Jon Young, and T-Pain and his favorite song is "I'm Me" by Lil Wayne. Tyler's favorite television shows are "Rob and Big," "Sports Center," and "Run's House." Step Up is Tyler's favorite movie. He is scared to death of heights and spiders give him the creeps.

Tyler plans to attend Black Hawk College to major in physical education and play college basketball. Tyler likes the quote, "I'm ill, not sick" by Lil Wayne. He also likes "Yes I'm the best, no I ain't positive, I'm definite." 

His advice to underclassmen is, "DO WORK." 

On behalf of the class of 2009, I wish Tyler the best of luck in all he does.