United readies calendar for 2009-10

Sheila Pressley/Correspondent

United CUSD # 304 board met Jan. 8 at the Unit Office in Alexis. Copies of the 2009-10 calendar were distributed to the board. Administrators and teachers will receive their copies during the coming days then they can submit recommendations. Supt. Jeff Whitsitt said, "This calendar must contain 180 days of student attendance." Board members will possibly give their final approval to the calendar in February.

Student fees, for 2009-10 school year, were discussed. According to Whitsitt, "There has been no increase in fees in five years, since the consolidation took place. At that time, book fees were increased from $40 to $45."

Board member Marshall Schrader felt, "An increase in lunch fees could cause more students to apply for free or reduced lunches."

Board member Moses Anderson added, "That could be of benefit to the school district."

According to Whitsitt, "A higher percentage of free or reduced meals would help make the district eligible for more grant opportunities."

Schrader and Board President Rick Elliott both felt that, "Small annual increases would be better than none for several years followed by a large increase."

Whitsitt said, "The board is considering the institution of transportation fees for extra-curricular activities."

No action was taken.

The board held an executive session. Following, the resignation of Brenda Leng, West Campus technology and fourth-grade teacher, was accepted, effective at the end of 2010-13 school year. Leng is taking advantage of the retirement program.

In other matters, on Jan. 15, Whitsitt, board and staff committee members will interview four candidates for the position of principal at the North Campus elementary school. Tom Gilliland will retire at the end of the current school year.

School board petitions will be received from Jan 20 at 8 a.m. till Jan. 24 at 4 p.m. in the Unit Office. The terms of Moses Anderson, Terry Johnson, Rick Elliott and Marshall Schrader expire.

The next regular meeting will be Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. in the Unit Office in Alexis.