Aledo School board moves forward with improvements

Robert Blackford/Editor

Aledo School Board members moved ahead with several construction options at the board's Feb. 24 meeting.

The board accepted bids to replace the floor and bleachers at the school.

The board accepted a bid from Floors Inc. to replace the high school gym floor at a cost of $168,200.

The board accepted a bid to replace the bleachers at a base cost of $52,678. The work will commence June 1 and be completed by the beginning of volleyball season.

The district received five bids on the floor and four more on the bleachers.

The new gym floor will be a hardwood maple floor. The bleachers will be molded plactic which is the industry standard.

The district opened bids on the Apollo roof project but the district architect wants to clear up some items in the bids. The board should make a decision at its March 9 meeting.

Aledo Superintendent Alan Boucher said the board is moving forward on the Band room wall project. Boucher said there are 95 students in band at the high school now and the band room is full to capacity. Next fall when the Westmer band students come in there will be too many as it now stands. By knocking out the room between band and chorus the capacity should double.