Sherrard BOE plans for next 10 years

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

The Sherrard Board of Education CUSD #200 discussed a 10-year live safety program for the district at its April 22, 2009 meeting.

Work that is scheduled to be competed within the next two years includes: replacing heaters and ventilation units in the locker rooms, replacing a dust collector, replacing door locksets with security type locksets, replacing the south wall of the greenhouse, work at the sewage treatment plant including tuck pointing sand filter walls, some piping and motor adjusters, motor blowers and motors and some pumps; replacing a 1988 roof area and a 1991 roof, replacing the ventilation units for the wood shop, metal shop, Ag shop, Gym 2 and welding shop, replacing a hot water heater, resurfacing the track with minor blacktop repair, replacing a boiler and replacing the tennis courts.

Non life safety work the district plans to do in the next two years includes: replacing gym lights, scoreboards, auditorium lights; provide a power projection screen for the auditorium; hooking up the football field irrigation to the baseball complex well; adding a visual/horn in the home economics room.

The total estimated cost for the life safety work is $150,600. The non-life safety work's estimated cost is $105,500.

"This does not mean automatic bonding," said Rebecca Rodocker, Sherrard superintendent. She said the board needed to send the life safety items to the ROE and state for approval. "In order for us to do anything on this we have to have a plan," she said.

She said that any non-life safety work would come out of the operations and maintenance fund.

Board member Larry Stone said he thought the building and grounds crew needed to hold a meeting to prioritize what projects needed to be done first.

The board approved the 10-year life safety plan.

Spring intersession

Kim Hofmann, director of educational services, reported that the district's spring intersession was well attended, with 70 percent of the students participating.

She said there is a referral process to attend certain classes and students are assessed before and at the end of the session to look for progress. "They showed growth in every area they worked on," she said.

The PSAE and ACT prep class had 77 students attending on average. Again pretests and posttests were given. "It will tell us a lot after we get their scores back," said Hofmann.

In addition there were some gifted classes during intersession. "The gifted students were identified. They have to pay and be invited," she said.

Another part is the Seek program, for remediation, which 94 students attended.

Board president asked what the costs were for busing during intersession.

Hofmann said the ADA grant pays for all the remediation costs.

Superintendent Rebecca Rodocker said she would get the figures for the board by the next meeting.

Channel one

The board discussed whether there was a need for Channel one in high school and junior high classrooms. Channel one has been in the classroom for 12-15 years and provides news reports and advertising.

John McCormick, student member of the Sherrard BOE, said that most students do not pay attention when Channel one is being broadcast, which usually happens during homeroom for 12 minutes. "I watch the news daily, so I don't pay attention," he said. "Kids don't pay attention to it," he added, "unless it's a really big thing, it's just a waste."

Board member Tim Arbet said," I have no problem getting rid of it."

The board discussed the amount of instructional time that could be used to replace those 12 minutes. Do the math on 739 students x 12 minutes times 180 days of instruction --It amounts to 36 hours of instruction per year per student.

Sherrard TV, (STV) also broadcasts its news on the televisions in the classrooms. STV is part of Sherrard's media communications class.

Rodocker said she would investigate the contract and costs and return to the board with that information.

In other business the board:

•Updated some board policies and deleted some that will be included in the student handbooks. The board is looking to make all school handbooks consistent.

• Approved resignations as follows: Kevin Miller, assistant football and head junior high boys' basketball coach, effective immediately. And Karen Snyder, junior high cheerleading coach.

• Approved the following junior high coach hires: Robert Wilson, seventh grade football; Matt Hutchins, seventh grade football; Eric Gustafson, eighth grade football; Heath Smith, seventh grade boys' basketball; Bob Chandler, seventh grade girls' basketball; Jason Kirby, eighth grade girls' basketball; Dan Mizaur, junior high wrestling and Kathy Felt, junior high scholastic.

• Approved the following high school coach rehires: Doug Swanson, assistant football; Jeff Garrett, head wrestling and Brent Schurr, junior varsity wrestling.

• Agreed to a reduction in force for Teresa Justice as supervisor at Matherville Intermediate School, effective at the end of the 2008-2009 school year.

• Entered into a joint agreement with the Rock Island Office of Education to be a part of the Rock River Alternative School.

• Approved revised job descriptions for transportation supervisor, assistant mechanic, bus driver and head mechanic.

• Approved reimbursement of $27,500 to Rock Island County for the liaison officer, up from $25,000. The county pays for half the salary of the officer.

• Agreed to install GPS systems on bus cameras at a cost of $375 per bus. Total cost is $6,545.