Construction bid for band wall comes in low

Robert Blackford/Editor

The Aledo School Board awarded Hillebrand Construction out of the Quad Cities the job of renovating the high school music rooms. The board accepted Hillebrand's $116,039 bid over seven higher ones at Monday's April 20 meeting.

Aledo Superintendent of Schools Alan Boucher said, "The bid includes the removal of cinder block walls separating the band room from the chorus room and installing an accordian style divider. It also includes air conditioning the room."

Boucher said the wall is being removed to accommodate the number of kids who are anticipated being in the band program next year. There are 95 students in the Aledo band this year and the room is full. Next year additional students are expected with the consolidation.

"The bids were much lower than we anticipated," said Boucher. "They were $50,000 less than we expected. The board was very pleased with the way the bids came in. We thought it would be $20,000 to put in the air conditioning and it was only $8,000."

The board accepted the bid from Sam's Janitor Service to refinish the Aledo Junior High School gym floor for $10,980. Three bids were submitted for the project and Sam's was the lowest. The job will include repainting lines on the floor and putting a Mercer County Golden Eagle on the floor.

The board began discussing how to get rid of old Aledo Green Dragon uniforms and memorabilia. There will be a garage sale Saturday, June 6 to get rid of some of the items. There will also be an auction at some point to get rid of items of particular interest.

Boucher said the garage sale and auction will not include significant plaques or trophies the district has received over the years such as the state trophies, conference championships or regular season championships. Those will be retained.

In other news:

• The board will accept more price quotes on refinishing the junior high lockers.

• The board agreed to repair the van engine for $900 over the summer. Ernie Dillie will be doing the repairs. The van has a special hitch for the music trailer. It is a 1995 Dodge Ram 15 passenger van. To replace the van would cost the district between $15,000 and $20,000.

• The board is developing a list of outdoor "Green Dragon" signs that need to be replaced.

• The board accepted the resignation of Cullen Welter as football coach.

• The board accepted the resignation of Tom Hasson as high school driver's ed teacher.

• The board agreed to hire Nicholas Cody Brown as the junior high track coach for the 2008-09 school year.

• The board accepted the retirement request from elementary school teacher Kim Weese effective 2012-13.